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Private Client Services - Centrum Broking

Private Client Services

Our Differentiated Approach

We remain focussed on going beyond the traditional broking model to being a research driven advisor who understands the client requirement and provides investment recommendations with seamless execution capability.

Research based advice:

We lay a significant emphasis on quality of advice and have dedicated fundamental and technical research teams in place toward fulfilling this objective. The ideas and strategies that the Fundamental research team originates is suited for the High Net worth Individual and is branded as Centrum Wealth Research. This team of research professionals maintain detailed stock coverage of selected set of stocks from the investible universe. There are stock-level, sector level, event-based and strategy reports that we share with clients. Our Technical and Derivatives desk provides short term as well as positional ideas best suited for traders. The team has developed innovative strategies with a record of accomplishment of performance built over time. A high level of customisation is developed as per a client’s profile and investment requirement.



The combination of these two ideas engines ensures that our research-based advice is designed to create the best possible strategies for returns on investments for each client category. Centrum Wealth Research has won accolades from various industry bodies and media for Research depth and sector coverage.

Portfolio Management:

Our dedicated team of investment professionals enables Centrum Broking to provide both, discretionary and non-discretionary Portfolio Management Services to high net worth investors.

Multiple platforms for clients:

Centrum Broking clients enjoy real time access to their investment accounts via our interactive web platform and mobile application. These platforms employ state of the art security and technology support to ensure a seamless investment experience. Client first philosophy: We recognise that client requirements are unique. These requirements do not remain constant and are dynamic. Client requirements of margin funding, loans against shares (through affiliates) is easily met on demand.

Detailed suite of services

  • Online Trading and Mobile Trading Application
  • Security Lending and Borrowing (SLB)
  • Margin Trading Facility (MTF)
  • Commodity Derivatives *
  • Currency Derivatives
  • Dedicated PCG Desk
  • Equity Advisory Services
  • Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Diagnosis tools:

  • Profiling
  • Analysis of an existing portfolio
  • Recommendations (Hold, Sell and Add)
  • Re-alignment (Allocations of cash generated by sell recommendations into quality stocks after considering the existing sector allocation)

Continuous Review:

  • Update any important event which invalidates investment thesis
  • Review portfolio after quarterly results
  • Allocations of cash generated by sell recommendations into quality stocks after considering the existing sector allocation
  • Client engagement:

Interaction & Collaborated Process:

We ensure that a client portfolio is monitored and provided attention for any updates. Your dedicated Relationship Manager or Equity Advisor will mail all important updates along with a meeting or a call, solely driven by client confirmation.

* To be launched shortly